Outcry Tour 2017

I had the opportunity to go on the road with the Outcry Tour for a second time with Chad Veach this summer.  12 cities in two weeks. I love it. I love moving forward. I love knowing tomorrow we will be waking up in a new city.  I also already had one tour under my belt so I felt prepared this time around. I decided I would take my Konica film camera my dad gave me instead of a digital camera I took on tour the previous year. I thought it would be a way to stay present in the moment in each city, looking through the film cameras view finder... staying in the moment focusing the lens and knowing I only had one shot...well 36 total. I bought 11 rolls of 36 exposure film before I left. So I had a total of 396 shots to take. That seems like a lot, but go ahead and check how many photos you have taken on your iPhone... yup way more than 396. Anyways, here is a few of my favorite shots I captured along the way...and I wish I bought more rolls before the tour...but film is expensive ya know... I hope you enjoy.